A Guide to City Layout in Las Vegas

A Guide to City Layout in Las Vegas

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The two most identified area of Las Vegas are the Strip and Downtown. The strip is the most famous four mile road in the US. Most first time visitors will spend most of their time on the Strip getting to know the way it works. It has the most top hotels of any other road in the US.

The South strip is that portion of the Strip that has the MGM Grand, Mandelay Bay, Luxor, and Monte Carlo. Don’t overlook the New York New York with its Manhattan skyline.

The Mid strip has Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, The Mirage and Treasure Island. There is also the Venetian and the Wynn Hotel.

The North Strip has Circus Circus, the Stratosphere, and the Sahara.

The East Strip has grown up around the Convention Center and Las Vegas is a top convention center. The major hotel located here is the Las Vegas Hilton and the Hard Rock Hotel is becoming a major hotel.

Between the Strip and Downtown, there is a bunch of wedding chapels, pawnshops, and cheap motels. The area is called the Gateway District. It is making a name for itself as an artist retreat. Other signs of life are sprouting up such as coffee shops and small cafes.

Downtown is also known as Glitter Gulch. The neon lights become brighter down here because of the narrow streets. This area is a lot more casual than the Strip itself. The people are more friendly and it is not as snobby a place either. With the start of the Fremont Street Experience, the downtown area has been coming out of the ditches. Don’t overlook this area, you may be surprised at what you can find down here. It is a little distance from the strip, but it might make the difference in your trip.

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