• Las Vegas Vacation Tips, Tricks And Cautions

    Las Vegas Vacation Tips, Tricks And Cautions

    Planning your trip

    These “cautions”, “tips”, and “tricks” are offered to help make your Las Vegas Vacation as enjoyable, fast and easy to plan as possible. Whether this is your first trip to “Fabulous Las Vegas” or you are a veteran, you’ll find some useful tips and tricks here. Las Vegas Travel Tips: First and foremost, the biggest mistake many travelers to Las Vegas make in planning a trip is to book the cheapest air fare/hotel package “available anywhere”. These are offered everywhere from your hometown newspaper to television ads to especially, e-mail spam. Beware! Why? A Cheap Las Vegas Vacation is good, we agree! BUT, did you know virtually all Las Vegas Hotels have 2- 3 levels of room quality (or options)? Now, we mean even many of the five star, “big ones” many of these are just plain substandard rooms, maybe with a nice view of the air conditioning system! (This actually happened to me personally, and was it Loud!) Things like older bed mattresses, no safes, old decorating, long walks to the casino, restraunts, shows, or even a taxi. Did you know there are monorail trains running right behind some of the rooms? How about a roller coaster right outside…

  • The Casinos in Las Vegas

    The Casinos in Las Vegas

    Things to Do

    With all the new shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment offered by Las Vegas these days it’s easy to forget about the casinos. But they are still the center of attraction for many. Vegas still has many of the old-time icons to offer like the Sahara. But many new ones have sprouted up in just the past decade. Even those as old as 40 years have seen major renovations in the past few years, to compete and to keep that youthful spirit ever fresh. Come to Hollywood. The granddaddy of modern Vegas, the casino complex is built to resemble a huge movie set, sort of like James Bond on steroids. Even with the 16,000 seat auditorium and dozens of restaurants, there’s still plenty of room for gaming. Whether you’re an old-timer who still wants to play keno or you’re a young stud or studette with an itch for high stakes poker, you won’t walk away disappointed. Empty-pocketed, maybe. For the real James Bond feel to your gaming fun, check out one of the newer kids in town. With re-creations of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre, the place is easy to spot. But save your eagle eye…

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