Las Vegas Show Guide for Adults

Las Vegas Show Guide for Adults

What to See

If you’ve never been to Vegas or experienced one of the many Vegas shows that are available to behold, let me be the first to tell you: they are not created equal. People will choose to see shows for many different reasons and there is no right or wrong reason to see any Vegas show unless you are simply determined to hate it from the beginning. Even then you might find yourself to be either mildly or wildly surprised.

Sexy Side of Vegas Shows

I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to mention some of the wonderfully sexy shows that are prominent in Vegas at the moment. There are quite a few and will appeal to audiences on different levels and for different reasons, well some of them will at any rate while most of them offer universal appeal to certain members of the audience it is important to remember the statement I made earlier, not all shows are created equally and it doesn’t really matter how beautifully endowed the members of the cast are if the show has no wit, humor, drama, or interesting points about it.

Les Foiles Bergere is one of the best examples of a classic Vegas style show or at least my interpretation of what a Vegas style show should be. This show literally sizzles with its sex appeal and is a great show to kick off your stay in Vegas. You’ll be ready to roll the dice after seeing this show for sure. There are generally two shows offered. The 7:30 show is covered so that all ages can enjoy the show all others feature topless numbers and request that audience members be 16 and over. The show can be seen at 7:30 and 10:00 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Tuesday and Friday offer one show only at 8:30 and Sundays are dark. This is a can’t miss show and a real hit for the Tropicana Las Vegas.

If you want to go even more darkly erotic, John Stagliano’s Fashionistas is definitely the route you should take. This is a very erotic experience everything about this show simply sizzles. Not only is the choreography and costume design stellar, this show has some of the best music to be found in Vegas with songs by Evanescence, Madonna, Led Zeppelin, Lords of Acid, and Crystal Method.

La Femme, playing at the MGM Grand is a rather unique show, even for Vegas, in that it literally celebrates that artistry of the nude. The overall affect is a stunning visual display of light, color, sound, flesh, and dance. You must be 18 or older to attend this particular show and there is a dress code for the performances, which is business casual so come dressed appropriately. Shows are Wednesday through Monday at 8:00 and 10:30 pm. If you want to see the ultimate water cooler show, this one is definitely the show to see. for boating, swimming, and as wildlife observation area.

Funny Side of Vegas Shows

If you’re looking for a great laugh, a great drama, a great show, then Vegas is definitely the way to go. One of the great things about Vegas is all the other great things you get to do while waiting on show time. This is a great city for vacations and you rest rather secure in the knowledge that you can taste a little of the sin in Sin City without getting your hands smacked. At least you can always look. While the shows mentioned here will be rather tame when compared to some of the racier Vegas shows they are still quite edgy and great fun for everyone in the audience

The first show worth mentioning is one that is appealing on so many levels. The Sopranos last Supper is a musical comedy that offers a four course dinner. You’ll laugh, you might cry, you’ll have a little wine and crack some jokes. It’s entertainment at its best with an intimate cast of 20 and a captive audience. Seriously if you’re looking for a great Vegas experience this night of singing, dancing, and Italian food in an audience participation driven show is a great way to enjoy just that. Tickets for this splendid dinner and show start at $95 and are a real bargain when you consider all you’re getting for your money. The show lasts a little over two hours and your sides will probably be a little sore from all the laughing and dancing. Show time at Aladdin is 6 pm Thursday through Tuesday and Wednesdays are dark.

The Las Vegas Hilton is home to Menopause the Musical. If you’re looking for an irreverent look at growing older as women in the world of today, then look no further. This show has won rave reviews all over the world as one of the most honest looks at life before, after, and surviving “the change”. This is definitely a must see for every woman facing–ahem–29 in Las Vegas.

If you want a glimpse of dysfunctional America check out Tony N Tina’s Wedding playing at Rio. This show plays nightly at 7 pm and it might be a good idea to warn you that you aren’t merely watching the show with this one. You are the show! For the price of your entertaining the actors you’ll get to have a nice meal, dance a few dances, drink champagne, toast the lovely couple and have a little cake. If you’ve ever been to a big Italian wedding you know just what to expect so sit back and bring your funny bone. fish per person.

Lake Mead is another great area nearby in which to enjoy the great outdoors of the Nevada desert. Lake Mead is a man-made lake and the 16th largest of its kind in this hemisphere. This lake was created by the Colorado River and the Hoover Dam and is about 1.5 million acres (I don’t know about you but that figure to me is actually staggering). This area is a very popular area for boating, swimming, and as wildlife observation area.

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